We present you a mask with 2 latest technologies!


We present you a mask with 2 latest technologies!

Now available! Light and comfortable mask: AIR model by Human Touch will protect you with 2 latest technologies for your hygiene and comfort.

Outer fabric is made from polyester, specially woven with Light Weight Technology. Though it’s thin, but it has good ventilation, breathable, and efficient dust and droplet protection. Inner fabric is made from Perma™, a material that can suppress the bacterial growth by 99.9%. It also protects you from dust, reduce a cause of acne and odor with UV protection.

Straps are adjustable to fit every kind of face. It can be worn around your neck. There are 2 sizes you can choose:

Size M (for women Width 19 Height 15.5 cm)
Size L (for men Width 21 cm Height 16.5 cm)

Price: 120 Bath/ piece – (Shipping cost: 30 Baht) For more information about the product, please click here. Click Here 

Article on fabric mask qualification Click to Read

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