Tips for Keeping Pillows Clean


Tips for Keeping Pillows Clean

‘Pillow’ is a thing that touches our face while we are sleeping. We tend to drop ourselves on bed whenever we are exhausted and spreading germs without realizing it. Here are tips of how to clean your pillows.

1 : Washing 
Washing is the best way to clean pillows, but you need to read label carefully. Some pillows can only be washed by our hands, some can be washed in a washing machine with warm water. If you aren’t careful, it can turn into a disaster as your pillows get severely damaged. Here’s a tip: put 2 pillows in a washing machine before putting in couples of tennis balls. The balls rub pillows’ fabric and soften them up in process. It’s the best to do this with effective sun drying.

2 : Drying in the sun
Most people always choose this method. But did you know about the most effective way to dry pillows? You need to dry them with 55 - 60 degree Celsius heat for 20 minutes at 2 pm (This is the hottest time in a day). The heat can kill all dust mites, but not the allergens. However, heat from sunlight evaporates moist from pillows and prevents bacterial growth.

3 : Dust vacuum
Some pillows use water absorbing materials (as shown on label) so you can’t wash them with water. Dust vacuum becomes another great option because of speed and convenience. For many people who think vacuum cleaners are all the same, hear this. No! Don’t think like that! General vacuum cleaner may have same performance as dust mite vacuum cleaner, but filters system works differently and dust mites can escape easily if using general vacuum cleaner. That is why you need to use dust mite vacuum cleaner instead.

4 : Choose pillow case woven with Nano Zink fabric
Choosing pillow case with good fabric is also important. Our face is a first thing that touches it directly. We recommend pillow case woven with Nano Zink fabric because of its anti-bacteria property that prevents bad odor and bacterial growth. You have to make sure Nano Zink is directly woven into the fabric, not coated on, or it won’t be so effective.

Many people ask about the best time to clean pillows. Experts say you should clean them once in every 3 or 4 days. Don’t we already have a lot of work during weekdays? What about parties during weekends? I’d rather use pillow case woven with Nano Zink fabric and clean it once a month!

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