20th Year Anniversary


20th Year Anniversary

We may not be the most special pillowcase in any way. It's just a pillowcase that is with you
when you wake up in the middle of the night because of the snoring sound.
Pillow cover ... that you use to wipe away lonely tears when we do not understand each other
... used to hug when miss another person.
Used together in sleeping and playing in the middle of the night
... used to hit each other because of repulsion.
Used in hitting your the one to wake up from sleepwalking or nightmares ........ 

Used as a gift to say something implied at first sight
... Used as a promise 
Used to sleep well under the arms of someone who is another part of your life

We believe that one of the most precious moments of life is
the time when two people have live together.
We are glad to be there with you.  
And that is what a pair of ordinary pillowcases have the opportunity to.

Human Touch "Say I Love You Everyday" since 1998

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