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Yes, we ship internationally but first, please check here at our contact page if there is any of our agent already in your country. They are ready and happy to serve you in behalf of us with a prompt delivery service and good price since you don’t have to pay for international shipping.

We have several shipping services to fit your choice. Please see the table below. You can select one of them at your shopping cart. Please note that this shipping rate is for order 1-3 items (pieces).

AreaFreight Rate (1-3 items)Details of Services

Shipping Fee TH฿ 30

Free shipping for purchase over TBH 200

1-3 days by Flash Express
Bangkok Same DayTH฿ 150same day by Line Man
Rest of The World

Shipping Fee starting from TH฿ 580

for 1-2 sets of couple pillowcaseห

3-10 day by FedEx

International Priority Service



You can leave your message in the website chat bubble or email to humantouch.shop@gmail.com

Please email to us at humantouch.shop@gmail.com the reason you want to exchange or return within 7 days after your receive the products. Our customer service will assist you through case by case if your request is approval.

You'll need to contact the store where you got it from for returns or exchanges. Please click here for the shops and our agent contact information. You can also email to humantouch.shop@gmail.com or leave your message on facebook inbox so that we can coordinate with the shops for you.


Our product line is constantly changing, thus making it difficult to get items that are older, as they’re no longer available. Please check at our online store or your nearest Boy Meets Girl by Human Touch store to see if they still have quantities available.

At this time, the only products we have available are the ones found in the Boy Meets Girl by Human Touch Online and Offline Stores.

It may be that the design you're looking for is not in the current product line. Over the years, Boy Meets Girl by Human Touch has created over 300 designs/items and sometimes, older designs are often removed from the product line to make way for new characters and promotions. No design nor character, however, is ever really discontinued. If there’s enough demand, they may come back!



Boy Meets Girl characters communicate through their hearts and isn't bound to any language.  They humbly represent any couples in the world, so they keep themselves plain and simple as much as possible.

New designs are always being created. Keep checking our website to see what’s new!

We are happy to know you like our works, however the answer is No.  Our characters and designs are copyrighted, and we cannot give permission to use them on personal homepages.

On each product page, there are several ways you can share this product with others. Simply select one and tell your friends and family about the product.

Our company can't accept submissions from outside our Design Studio. However, from time to time we open an official design contest for the new characters and designs from people who love and believe in the power of simplified graphic like us. Please check our social media for the upcoming events.

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