“I Meow You: Cute and adorable cat mask”


“I Meow You: Cute and adorable cat mask”

“I Meow You: The Cat Mask” is available for pre-order
There are 6 styles to choose and There are four colors to choose for fabric - Sand Beige, Purple, Navy Blue, Sky Blue).

Embroidery Detail
- Graphic size: 4 x 4 cm
- You can choose a position of the graphic: Left or Right of a mask

Three-Layered Mask
- 1st Layer: Cotton + Polyester, able to absorb liquid from the outside, multiple times rewashable with good air ventilation.
- 2nd and 3rd Layer: Muslin Cotton, prevent body fluid (mucus and saliva from coughing and sneezing) from getting out, able to prevent particle similar to medical mask.
- A socket for putting in a filter.

Mask are 2 sizes:
o   Size M (For women: Width - 19 cm, Height - 15.5 cm)
o   Size L (For men: Width – 21 cm, Height 16.5 cm)

1 piece 149 THB (30 THB Shipping cost)
3 pieces 400 THB (Free shipping)

The product will be sent after 3 – 7 days of order confirmation.

Order the product
1.      Order via Inbox
2.     Choose color and size of a mask

Specify a code of a desired graphic style.

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